In everything, we do, we believe in challenging the ordinary, we believe in thinking differently. We believe in trust, in loyalty, in perfection and in continuously upgrading to necessary requirements. These things define us. We are a young company and we started our path with great passion and devotion for inspection services. We offer complete dedication for all our services.

Even if we are young, our main staff have twenty years of experience in this field. Our inspectors are ready and well prepared for any inspection job, but still, we periodically test their knowledge in order to respect the necessity of a best-made job. We adapt as per our Client’s needs and requests.

We pre-inspect and advice our clients in taking the best decision when it comes to quality, quantity and storing conditions of purchasing commodities. No outside parties will change our beliefs. We will do our best in order for our clients to have all information almost instant, day and night, weekends and holidays.

Based on our experience with bulk products we know that most issues appear in quantity and quality and we can always certify for our clients that our findings are always the true ones and any other result will be the same. Our mission is to gain the respect of our clients and we know if we achieved that, is because our work was perfect.