We help our clients, through our variety services of inspection, to verify the contractual parameters for a vast range of agricultural products, goods, commodities, minerals and metals.


We believe in satisfy all needs and requests of our Customers, making our jobs dedicated to quality control of agricultural products and by-products (oil, flour, etc.), industrial products and consumer goods, minerals, petroleum products by offering efficient and professional services using our network of offices and representatives, with highly skilled staff.


Regarding quantity, we know how important is for our clients to know the real figures of the weight and based on our surveyors experience we assure them that our findings are the true ones, no matter the method used.


We understand that sampling is the first step and the most important one when comes to acquire agricultural products. That is why we strictly respect and apply the rules of GAFTA and FOSFA, so our clients will have the confident in making the best decision.

EuroTest Inspection offers the following services:

  • Storage/ stock and documents control

  • Pre-shipment inspections

  • Delivery and reception of cargo

  • Storage facility inspection

  • Transit cargo control

  • Vessel hatch and hold inspection. Water tightness

  • Vessel tank inspection

  • Condition and quality inspection during loading and discharging operations

  • Cargo Sampling

  • Draft Survey & tanks ullage measurements

  • Vessel holds/tanks sealing

  • Vessel tanks calibration

  • Containers sealing
  • Containers cleanliness inspections

  • Survey on damaged goods

  • Tallying and stockpile control

  • Damage inspections

  • Physical analysis on spot for a vast range of agricultural products